The One Drum EQ Trick That [Almost] Always Works

snare drumOne of the things I love most about recording music is that there are no rules. One guy decides to use a cardboard box as his kick drum sound…and it sounds awesome. Another guy decides to sample in the sound of a screaming cat and blend it with the cymbals. (Okay, I’ve never seen that, but I bet it’s awesome.)

You’re free to do whatever you want. Maybe that’s why so many people record music as a hobby. They spend 40 hours a week being told what they can and can’t do, but in the studio they can do whatever they want. The only real rule is that it needs to sound good. Ah, recording…

But there is one “rule” I almost always follow when mixing drums…and it almost always works. So, of course, I want to share it with you. (more…)

Intro to Automation [Video]


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