7 Great Drum Mixing Videos

Does mixing drums intimidate you a little bit?

Yeah, me too sometimes.

The trick to being confident with mixing drums (or any instrument for that matter) is two-fold.

First, you gotta spend a lot of time doing it. There’s no shortcut around it. The more you mix, the better you get.

The second part is equally important. You need to be constantly trying new things, especially if you’re just starting out.

Just yesterday I was emailing a guy who’s been a recording engineer for three decades, and he told me he is STILL always trying to learn new things. So cool.

Guess what? There’s not just one way to mix drums. I’ve never mixed drums the same way twice. (more…)

Ask Joe #58


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Questions covered this week:

  • What are your thoughts on using stereo widening plugins?
  • Is it possible to daisy chain 2 usb interfaces by plugging them into two different USB ports?
  • What is the best way to make poor acoustic guitar recordings sound good?
  • Do you use the auto gain setting on the compressor plugin?
  • Is there something wrong with adding the mastering chain to the master bus on a regular mix session?

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