The Mixing Dead

If you don’t watch The Walking Dead, you’re probably better off. But still, it’s a bit addictive.

In short, zombie apocalypse. People get bit, get infected, die, and come back as brain-dead “walkers” who continue the vicious cycle of biting, infecting, dying, resurrecting, etc.

It’s scary and gross…but my wife and I can’t stop watching. (You read that right. Best. Wife. Ever.)

Now, I’m fairly certain that the zombie apocalypse isn’t something we need to worry about…but you should be aware of the mixing apocalypse.

This one’s trickier. You may not know you’re infected. But you can easily see the results if you know where to look.

It all starts with a hunger…a hunger for better mixes. So you try your hand at it, but your mixes sound dead, lifeless.

So what do you do?  (more…)

How to Never Lose an Election

If you think I’m going to wax political, you’re incorrect. But yes, I voted today.

Election season is so…um…”interesting.”

You’ve got candidates touting themselves as the answer to every imaginable problem, while at the same time accusing their competitors of being the absolute worst option in the history of democracy.

Sure, you may prefer one candidate over another. Both have good qualities, but they’re also both flawed, imperfect humans.

If you don’t think you have anything in common with an election-day candidate, think again. (more…)

An Aversion to Versions

Okay, ready?

I guarantee today’s tip will save you a TON of time one day.

Do you remember a couple weeks ago, when I talked about how I prefer to do no more than three versions of a mix?

There’s one thing I’d like to add.

It’s so simple I feel silly even sharing it with you, but I remember back when I was first starting out mixing. I didn’t even consider this as an option, and I wish I had. (more…)

“Know When to Fold ‘Em”

You’ve heard the statistic before.

Babe Ruth, while a legendary baseball player, struck out a LOT. I forget the actual number, but it was something like he struck out twice as much as he got a hit.

[Update, according to my brother-in-law Joel, I am incorrect. To quote Joel,”Babe Ruth 2800-ish hits and 1300-ish strikeouts…still an unholy number of strikeouts.]

I’m familiar with striking out…for two reasons.

Reason #1 – I can’t hit a baseball.

When I was a kid, I was pretty good at baseball, but once I hit high school I just couldn’t manage to hit the ball anymore. I could run down a fly ball, and I could launch a cannon from right field to third base…but hitting wasn’t in the cards for me. (more…)

How to “Train” Your Tracks to Mix Themselves

Had a great conversation with Jeff (one of my customers) the other day.

He was telling me how he has owned Understanding EQ and Understanding Compression for a while now, and he even took my Recording Electric Guitar class a few months back.

But he said something interesting…something I need to share with you.

As we were talking, he said, “You know, I’ve heard you talk about getting it right at the source, but it never really clicked for me until I listened to your album and went through your Mix With Us class.” (more…)

Ah…young love

As I type this, I’m sitting at Panera Bread. Out the window in front of me is a young couple, probably 14 years old or so.

They’re obviously dating, and I can tell by how awkward they are. 🙂

They stand REALLY close to each other, but they hardly ever make eye contact. They’re constantly fidgeting. They just seem uncomfortable inside their own bodies.

Perhaps that’s just adolescence, but it’s still humorous. It reminds me of myself at that age. Talk about AKWARD… (more…)

“Nice EQ Curves”

Did you know that no two EQ plugins are created equal?

WHAT!? Say it ain’t so!

Lemme explain. In Episode 18 of the Simply Recording Podcast, Graham and I talked about how mixing with your eyes can be detrimental to your mixes.

I get questions all the time from subscribers. One common question thread throughout a lot of them is this phrase “EQ curve.” They’ll ask things like:

What should my EQ curve look like on my kick drum? (more…)

“The Problem With Scotland” (A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy)

Remember that scene from Braveheart?

King Edward Longshanks says, “The problem with Scotland…is that it is full of Scots.”

No offense to my Scottish subscribers (honestly, you have the coolest accent on the planet…for reals), but this phrase is kinda funny. A co-worker of mine from years ago used to randomly scream that from his cubicle…hilarious.

ANYWAY…the quote is just silly. Of course Scotland is full of Scots. That’s why they call it Scotland.

But what’s in a name?

I mean, seriously. Audio folks tend to refer to themselves “audio engineers,” but that name is just silly, isn’t it? (more…)