Mastering: Regular vs Multiband Compression

Do you know what multiband compression is?

(If not, go to and watch the free video.)

A multiband compressor is one that splits the audio into 3-5 different “bands” of frequencies. It then compresses each of these bands separately.

It’s like having a separate compressor for your lows, mids, and highs, if you will.

A few years ago, I only used regular compression when doing any mastering work. I’d use my SSL compressor or something similar to squash the mix and help increase the volume. (more…)

Step 5 – Mastering

Finish line @ the Portland Marathon '09Mastering…the final frontier. 🙂

The finish line is in sight. You’ve gone through four of the 5 steps of recording (pre-production, recording, editing, & mixing), now it’s time for mastering.

So what IS mastering? Ian Shepherd is probably better equipped to answer this than I am, but essentially mastering is taking a finished mix and making it ready for distribution, ready to be sent out, ready to be heard by the masses. It’s the art of finishing the mix.

There are plenty of reasons to use a professional mastering engineer. Here are two: