How to Collaborate Online

Are you a VIP member yet? If you like HSC, you’d love being a VIP member.

Each month we have a live “VIP Session,” where I cover all sorts of fun topics. This month we’re covering the topic of collaborating online with other musicians I’ve wrangled in the super-talented Travis Whitmore (make sure you check out his blog) to play drums on a track for me.

Travis doesn’t even live in the same state as me…but he’s playing drums on this song, and we’ll share with you how we go about making it work REALLY well. Plus, you’ll get to hear some pretty killer drum tracks, and even get a few drum mixing tips while we’re at it.

It’s all happening on Tuesday afternoon, and the recording will be available for all members.

Sound like fun? $5 gets you in. You’ll have access to all the previous VIP Session recordings AND the private members-only forum.

Go check it out here: