Stealing Plug-ins – Robin Hood or Jack Sparrow?

Monday I emailed my newsletter subscribers to check out a post I wrote a few months ago called What Are Your Favorite Plug-ins?

There are a lot of great comments over there, and there are a lot of cool, free plug-ins to check out.

One comment, however, caught my attention.

Ryan wrote:

I understand that to some, this is a moral issue, but plugins are extremely easy to download off of torrent sites…for free!
I’m just saying…why line the pockets of these huge corporations by paying their ridiculous prices. They are just trying to hold the home engineer back so that major labels can keep making their money. I don’t do it of course….I’m just sayin. Haha


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What Are Your Favorite Plug-ins?

I talked last month about using the stock Pro Tools plug-ins. While the plug-ins that come with your DAW are usually completely adequate, it’s fun to explore other possibilities.

There are hundreds and hundreds of plug-ins out there. Some costing thousands of dollars; others are free. Both have their place in the home studio.

So, what are your “desert island” plug-ins? Which ones can’t you live without?

I’ll go first.

I have to say I have a bit of a crush on Waves’ SSL Bus Compressor. It’s a part of their SSL Bundle. It’s really hard to make it sound bad, and it can glue together a mix like nobody’s business.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Tell us your favorite plug-ins. If you can, include a link to the plug-in. (Let’s show a little love to the plug-in makers.)

Let’s hear it!

Ask Joe #16 – Using the Stock Digi Plug-ins

Trent from Indiana sent me a great question via the Ask Joe form. Let’s take a look at it:

Joe – I’m new to Pro Tools.  I have simple tracks that I just want to get down onto disc.  I have acoustic guitar, vocals, and might add mandolin or some more guitar parts.  I don’t want to color my tracks too much with the cheap plug-ins that came with my Pro Tools LE.  I’m wondering what you think is the best way to get these onto a disc without it being just a rough mix?  Hope I’m making sense.  Thanks.

A Common Assumption

Trent gives us an example of a common assumption in the home recording world. Most people believe that the plug-ins that come with your recording software are inferior by default. I would challenge this a bit.