Hybrid Mixing on Presonus Live

Here’s a recording of a training session I did for the folks at Presonus.

It’s all about how I set up a mix using both my DAW (Studio One) and a 24-channel digital mixer (Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2). We had a lot of fun. Enjoy!

(The training starts at around minute 5.)

Presonus Live: Advanced Mixing Part 2 – Electric Guitars [Video]

This week for my final installment of Presonus Live, I continued the mix of “Behold,” focusing specifically on electric guitars.

You’ll learn:

  • The single best (and hardest) way to mix electric guitars
  • How to use EQ to balance different parts
  • When (and when not) to use compression
  • When to not use EQ
  • and more…


Presonus Live: Advanced Mixing Part 1 [Video]

In this video, I take the song that I started mixing in last week’s 1-Hour Mix video and dive deeper into some more advanced mixing techniques.

Most of the video is focused on mixing drums, several tricks I’ve picked up over the years to get a killer drum mix.

How to Record and Release a Song in an Hour [Video]

All this month, I have the pleasure of being a part of four of Presonus’s weekly “Presonus Live” events. These are living streaming sessions where they cover everything from product announcements to in-depth training.

Last week, I did an acoustic guitar vocal “Riff to Release” session, where I:

  • Recorded a guitar/vocal recording of one of my songs
  • Configured the best mic placement to maximize quality and minimize bleed
  • Mixed the song.
  • Mastered the song.
  • Released the song in my Nimbit store.

All in one hour.

It was a lot of fun, and I even managed to knock over my mic stands right in the middle. Ha!

If you want to see how much you really can accomplish in 60 minutes, watch this video:

(Can’t see the video? Try watching it here.)

12 Home Studio Necessities #2 – DAW/Recording Software


Alright, so you’ve determined that your computer is up to snuff for recording music. Congratulations! The computer is oftentimes the most expensive piece of the whole studio (especially starting out).

You’re creating a DAW, a Digital Audio Workstation. Now that you have a computer, you need some recording software.

“What should I get?” you ask.

Free Software

There are a ton of options, and many of them are free. If you’re not sure how serious you are about recording, you may need to start with one of the free programs. I’ve found Reaper to work well on the PC. If you’ve got a relatively new Mac, then you’re already off to the races with GarageBand, which is included for free.


Ask Joe #35 – Summer NAMM, Presonus, and more

In this episode I share a little bit about some of the cool things Presonus is doing (from my visit with them at the NAMM show), and I answer more of your questions.

Happy listening!!

If you’ve got a question, ask away here:


Topics covered:

  • Hooking up an external preamp
  • How to decide where to pan your tracks
  • Copyright and Public Domain
  • Sweet rack for only $15
  • Mixing while recording
  • Setting levels
  • Dealing with mediocre musicians
  • Balancing drums
  • Parallel compression
  • Hanging guitars and acoustic treatment

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