Ask Joe #156 – Calling Myself Out

In this episode, I update you on how my EP deadline went. I also answer questions about stuff like reference mixes and task scheduling.

I went off the reservation a bit here, taking more time to answer the questions more in-depth. 45 minutes of great content just for you.

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Ask Joe #155 – Commitment (and a Question)

In this episode, I answer questions about stuff like re-amping and the cure for bad business relationships with clients.

ANSWER THIS QUESTION IN THE COMMENTS: Would you watch a video version of this podcast if it existed? There would still be an audio version, but adding a video version is something I’m thinking about doing.

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Ask Joe #152 – Procrastination

This week my sweet twin Maggie makes an appearance on the intro (and she’s at the VERY end, too…wait for it. It’s pretty cute). If you’re on Twitter, you can follow me to get behind-the-scenes peeks as I record each week’s episode, plus other stuff via Periscope. Follow me here: @joegildermusic

On this week’s episode, I talked about new stuff with me and my studio, and I gave a long, in-depth answer to a GREAT question about dealing with procrastination.

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Ask Joe #150 – Getting My Husky Self In Shape

This week I started working out with Iron Tribe Fitness. Two workouts in and I am HURTING.

This husky boy has 51 pounds to lose, and I think what I’m learning about that process applies to you and your music, too.

Plus, in this episode I answer questions about stuff like:

  • Switching DAWs
  • Dealing with annoying sibilance and breath sounds in spoken word applications
  • Acoustic treatment placement (for more on this, see Understanding Your Room)
  • What “mid-side” is and why I don’t use it.
  • More electric guitar tone questions
  • Running a signal through an outboard preamp
  • Re-amping: do I need a reamp box?

BONUS! This week I used the Roswell Mini K47 mic on my voice this week. Sounds GOOOOOD. Take a listen.

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