Ask Joe #83 – Dealing with Reverb

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Questions covered this week:

  • When you reference your mix on your “crap speakers”,  are you listening to them with or without some sort of EQ?
  • Could you give some pointers/general principles about how to use reverb in a mix?
  • What would be some applications for use of a low pass filter?

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Ask Joe #59 – Reverb vs Delay

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Questions covered this week:

  • How do you copyright your finished songs?
  • How do you use delay vs reverb on lead vocals?
  • Is it okay to use reverb on acoustic guitar?
  • Can I record tempo changes to a click?
  • How do I get the best out of a 2-mic band recording?

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The #1 Sign of an Amateur Mix (and how to avoid it)

Okay, so there are a lot of things that make a mix sound amateur.

But you should know there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with you if you’re not getting amazing mixes.

If you could get great mixes on the first try, then it probably wouldn’t be that satisfying anyway, right?

However, one of my goals is to help you avoid common mistakes.

Mistakes are good.

They help you learn.

But if you pay attention, you can learn a lot from other people’s mistakes, and perhaps even avoid a few of them altogether.

So, what’s the #1 sign of an amateur mix in my opinion? (more…)

Why You Should Record With Room Mics (Even if You Don’t End Up Using Them)

A few weeks ago I told you about a live concert recording I did for a friend of mine.

It was a simple show, just her and a piano in an old church. She sang half of the songs with a handheld mic; the rest were classical/musical theater pieces performed without a microphone.

My plan was to simply use two mics on her vocals (one for the handheld stuff, one farther away to capture the classical tunes) and a pair of small-diaphragm condenser mics in an XY pattern on the piano (a nice old baby grand).

That was the plan. Four mics. (more…)