The “Close Miker”

Remember that Seinfeld episode “The Close Talker”?

It’s about this guy who stands WAY too close to the people he’s talking to.

So awkward…so funny.

The thing is, just about everybody knows not to stand so close to people. We know that being a Close Talker is weird and uncool.

But when it comes to miking up a guitar amp, a lot of us are “Close Mikers.”

But is that the only option? An SM57 shoved right up next to the grill?

Should we be experimenting with different placements?

Check out today’s quick video from my studio:


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The Two Home Studio Killers

As I interact with home studio owners all over the world (and there are thousands of you), there are two common “killers” that I’ve identified.

Two things that plague most home studios.

Two beliefs that prevent home recording enthusiasts from really getting the recordings they want.

The first killer? (more…)

Why You Should Set Limitations in the Studio (The SM57 Challenge)


I love a good challenge.

And I’m giving myself a whopper of a challenge later this month.

More on that in a second…


You’ve heard me stress that limitations in the studio are REALLY good for you. But that can be hard to believe.

More is better right?

“I don’t think so, Tim.” (anyone?) (more…)