12 Home Studio Necessities #2 – DAW/Recording Software


Alright, so you’ve determined that your computer is up to snuff for recording┬ámusic. Congratulations! The computer is oftentimes the most expensive piece of the whole studio (especially starting out).

You’re creating a DAW, a Digital Audio Workstation. Now that you have a computer, you need some recording software.

“What should I get?” you ask.

Free Software

There are a ton of options, and many of them are free. If you’re not sure how serious you are about recording, you may need to start with one of the free programs. I’ve found Reaper to work well on the PC. If you’ve got a relatively new Mac, then you’re already off to the races with GarageBand, which is included for free.


Ask Joe #58


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Questions covered this week:

  • What are your thoughts on using stereo widening plugins?
  • Is it possible to daisy chain 2 usb interfaces by plugging them into two different USB ports?
  • What is the best way to make poor acoustic guitar recordings sound good?
  • Do you use the auto gain setting on the compressor plugin?
  • Is there something wrong with adding the mastering chain to the master bus on a regular mix session?

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