Low-Watt Amps: Great for Home Recording? [Video]

Hidey ho.

I’ve been a little light on the emails/articles this week. If you must know, I’ve been taking a little break, getting ready for tonight’s recording guitar webinar, and doing some reading. 🙂

BUT…I do have a quick video for you today.

It has to do with recording a loud guitar amp in the recording studio. Are low wattage amps capable of good-sounding recordings? Even at 1/4 Watt?

Let’s find out. I do a quick little shoot-out for you. Listen and decide for yourself here:


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P.S. The folks over at Puremix.net are giving away FIVE free subscriptions. If you haven’t checked out their videos, you should. Quality stuff. I know Fab from my days selling gear at Sweetwater. He’s a funny dude and a great teacher.

If nothing else, head over to their facebook page and enter to win a free subscription. The deadline is TOMORROW, so do it now.

Here’s the direct link for the giveaway.

Your Audio Needs Better Lighting

A year or so ago, I was watching a video from Ronan’s Recording Show.

Ronan talked about how he’s getting more and more into video stuff. He had invested in a mid-level “prosumer” video camera, and he was experimenting with ways to capture high-quality video without a super-expensive camera.

He packed up his camera and went to a professional video set. There were several different “scenes” set up, each with really colorful props and all the proper lighting.

What happened? (more…)

Why Audio Engineers DON’T Need to Know Video

Last month I wrote an article called Why Audio Engineers Need to Know Video.

I talked about how video is a great opportunity for audio engineers and can lead to new jobs.

A few of you commented on the post, saying that you thought we audio engineers should just focus on audio rather than expanding into the world of video.

This is a valid point, so I want to discuss the alternative — why audio engineers DON’T need to know video.


Why Audio Engineers Need to Know Video

Video CameraI’ve had the unique experience of dealing with quite a bit of video lately. I’ve always done short little videos here on Home Studio Corner, but those were rudimentary at best.

Now I’m creating weekly content for the HSC Production Club members, and I’ve become heavily immersed in creating videos. In addition, I’ve had the opportunity in the last few months to record several live bands, capturing both multi-track audio and multi-camera video footage – all while still putting on a live concert.

I have a new respect for video guys. There is so much involved with video that goes way over my head, but I’m grasping it more and more, and I plan to continue to grow my video expertise.



Tour of My Home Studio – Part 1

It’s been six months since I started Home Studio Corner, and it’s about time I showed you MY home studio! I love seeing other people’s setups, and I bet you do too, so enjoy!