Poor Man’s “Vocal Booth” Sound

Everybody seems to think you can’t get a good vocal recording without a vocal booth.

I say nay.

I’ve sung in many a vocal booth, and while it would be nice to have one, that ain’t gonna happen.

They’re huge.

They’re expensive.

And they’re not the ONLY way to get a great-sounding vocal track.

Here’s what I do. (more…)

Why Noise isn’t a Big Deal

In your recordings in your home studio, are you constantly worried about noise? Be honest, it’s okay if you are.

That is something that I have struggled with my entire recording career. Homes, apartments, houses — they’re just not very quiet. A professional recording studio is acoustically treated and isolated. If you walk into a pro vocal booth, it is dead quiet.

But the question I have for you is this — is that really that important? Here’s what I think: no, not really.