A Case Against “Workflow”

There’s a word out there that I don’t really care for.

I think it’s overused, or at least over-emphasized. (And I’m guilty of using it, too.)

The word?


I wrote the other day why I don’t think control surfaces are all that important to us home studio folks.

Boy, you should have seen the emails I got back. Some folks agree with me wholeheartedly. Others acted like I was trying to slaughter a sacred cow or something. 🙂

Here’s the deal.

Which is more important to you — how good a song sounds or how quickly you were able to finish it? (more…)

Why Workflow Matters (and Why It Doesn’t)

Here’s some great advice I got…

Last year I was interviewing Jon Tidey (of Audio Geek Zine and The Home Recording Show) for a product I was putting together.

We mostly talked about editing.

Now I had been using Pro Tools for years, but I had never really gotten into the “keyboard focus” stuff. (That’s essentially when you put Pro Tools in a certain mode, and keyboard shortcuts get even shorter.)

In other words, you can press just one key to do a specific task, rather than holding down a modifier AND pressing a key.

The two big ones that Jon shared with me were for zooming in and out and separating a region. (more…)