The Mixing Dead

If you don’t watch The Walking Dead, you’re probably better off. But still, it’s a bit addictive.

In short, zombie apocalypse.¬†People get bit, get infected, die, and come back as brain-dead “walkers” who continue the vicious cycle of biting, infecting, dying, resurrecting, etc.

It’s scary and gross…but my wife and I can’t stop watching. (You read that right. Best. Wife. Ever.)

Now, I’m fairly certain that the zombie apocalypse isn’t something we need to worry about…but you should be aware of the mixing apocalypse.

This one’s trickier. You may not know you’re infected. But you can easily see the results if you know where to look.

It all starts with a hunger…a hunger for better mixes. So you try your hand at it, but your mixes sound dead, lifeless.

So what do you do?¬† (more…)