As you might recall, earlier last month, I set a deadline for myself to finish this album I’ve been working on for about a year now.

I set the deadline for yesterday, April 1st.

It was an aggressive goal, as I had 3-4 songs that needed a few parts recorded, and I still needed to mix all 11 songs. (Heck, my wife Pam even told me she was doubtful I could pull it off it such a short amount of time.)

But something awesome happened, having that deadline looming in the near future forced me to get in the studio and get things done. I couldn’t waste time on unimportant stuff. I had to keep the momentum going.

And the result?

Yesterday I uploaded my finished mixes for Ian Shepherd to master.

I hit my deadline.

And it feels great.

Are the mixes perfect? Nope, but they’re FINISHED, and they sound great.

I’ll be sharing with you lessons learned over the next few weeks, but for now just know that deadlines really do work.

You won’t know until you try it.

Okay, changing gears.

As I mentioned, Ian Shepherd is mastering my album. He’s a veteran mastering engineer from the UK with over 15 years of experience as a professional mastering engineer.

He’s the guy behind Dynamic Range Day and the Production Advice website. Ian is a great friend and an awesome dude. I hope to meet him in person one of these days.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that Ian is re-launching his Home Mastering Masterclass this Friday (April 5th). It’s an 8-week class. Each week Ian shows you how he masters a different song.

You get an “over-the-shoulder” view of how a professional goes about mastering a song.

In fact, Ian even masters one of MY songs during the course (week 5). Awesome stuff.

To check out all the details click here:

(That’s an affiliate link.)

If you sign up using my affiliate link, I’ll give you a free copy of Understanding EQ or Understanding Compression as a bonus. Just forward me your receipt, and I’ll take care of it.


Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corne