First off, Happy Thanksgiving to you if you’re in America. I wish you much turkey and dressing.

I mentioned a while back that I was invited to give a presentation at Presonusphere on why I made the switch from Pro Tools to Studio One as my full-time DAW.

Sadly, the presentation was not recorded, but Presonus asked me to do the presentation again for one of their weekly streaming Presonus Live events.

That presentation WAS recorded, and you can watch the full 1-hour recording for free here:

If you’ve seen me using Studio One in my tutorial videos and are interested in why I made the switch, this video is perfect for you.

And speaking of my buddies at Presonus, they’re running a Black Friday sale on their software.

They’re offering 50% discounts on Studio One (all versions) and Notion (notation software).

If after watching the video above you want to give S1 a shot, now’s a good time to snatch it up at a hefty discount.

A quick word of caution:


If you’re happy with your current recording software, please ignore this email and go back to making music.

However, if you’re unhappy with your software and are wondering if there’s something out there that would be a better fit, check out Studio One.

Just don’t forget, this is all about the music. The tools you use don’t matter nearly as much as HOW you use them.

That’s why I don’t stress about the fact that my VIP members area has tons of videos of me working in both Studio One and Pro Tools.

I don’t teach software, I teach audio.

Get good at making great music, and the tech stuff will take care of itself.

And of course, if you’re not a VIP member yet, and you’d like access to well over 70 in-depth tutorials, get yo bad self over to:

and sign up.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Joe Gilder
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