People ask all the time:

What exactly IS mastering?

It’s a simple question, but the answer is a bit more difficult.

The best way I can describe it is like this.

With mixing, you are mixing various tracks together into one complete song.

With mastering, you are mixing various songs together into one complete album.

The goal of a mixing session is a final, cohesive mix.

The goal of a mastering session is a final, cohesive album.

As you can imagine, while there is plenty of overlap between the two (setting levels, EQ, compression, etc.), they are also WILDLY different processes.

Just because you’re comfortable mixing a song doesn’t mean you’ll be comfortable mastering it. It’s a different beast.

On the surface, mastering might sound a little boring to you. After all, how much can you REALLY do when all you have to work with is a bunch of stereo mixes?

I thought the same thing years ago.

But that all changed when I started doing more and more mastering sessions. Suddenly a whole new world of creativity opened up to me.

The challenge of working on a finished mix, without access to the individual tracks, is awesome.

Definitely difficult and challenging…but awesome.

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Joe Gilder
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