Have you ever felt like every single piece of technology you come in contact with is trying to kill you?

Or at least severely annoy you?

Yeah, that’s been my experience the last two weeks.

Everything seems to be breaking.

My camera won’t focus correctly anymore. My studio computer started freezing up every couple of minutes, so I had to format the hard drive and completely re-install the OS. Had to upgrade the OS on my Macbook Pro, and it broke everything, forcing me to reformat and reinstall on that computer TOO. My Les Paul bridge pickup stopped working. The pickup switch on my telecaster is broken. Studio One started acting funny when I hit “save” on a new project I was working on. The webinar software we use for Dueling Mixes lost the recording of last month’s webinar. And the Allen & Heath console at church this weekend was acting fairly demonic. (Somehow my voice in my in-ears sounded super distorted…it was kinda cool, but distracting.) A key piece of software I use for making tutorial videos isn’t working properly. Oh, and all my websites got hacked by malware.

I don’t even think that covers all my tech woes lately, but it gives you an idea.

Whew. Exhausted? Yeah, me too.

(Take my advice, don’t upgrade your operating system until it is absolutely 100% necessary. I waited 4 years, and I’m glad I did, because all the weird quirks are annoying and a waste of time.)

Technology failure is enough to make you go crazy. But what about when it’s acting properly?

Even then it sometimes seems like it’s out to get you.

For example, you know how a compressor works, but you can’t seem to get the compression right on the drum bus in your mix.

Or you know how to use an EQ, but nothing you do on the bass seems to work.

I’ve been there.

I still go there occasionally.

The key is to fight back.

Beat that mix into submission.

That’s how my latest mix for Dueling Mixes went. I wrestled with it quite a bit, but I came out victorious.

Members get to see how I went about handling the various challenges I faced, and some of the creative solutions I used, such as:

  • The right (and wrong) way to use clip gain to get a consistent, awesome vocal sound
  • My “Mix Reset” technique (and how it can help you reign in an out of control mix in about 20 seconds)
  • How I used SIX plugins to get the lead vocal to rock your face off

If you’re not a member yet, today’s a good day to join. You’ll get access to all the tracks to mix yourself, plus both Graham’s and my video showing how each of us mixed it.

Subscription details here:


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