You know that old saying? It goes something like this:

“Even the best-laid plans of mice and men go awry.”

So, if that’s the case, why bother planning your next recording project, right?

Because if you plan it, it’ll just go wrong anyway, right?

Bzzz. Wrong.

Here’s my experience.

Whenever I try to just “wing it” on a project, it almost ALWAYS takes me so much longer to finish it. You’ve been there, I bet. You decide you want to record a particular song, so you plan to find a couple hours in your schedule to knock out some tracks.

“Maybe this weekend,” you tell yourself. Then Monday rolls around and you haven’t done anything. “Oh well, maybe next weekend.”

Next thing you know, it’s 6 weeks later and you haven’t recorded a single note.

It’s frustrating, but it shouldn’t be surprising. If you don’t make any definitive plans, you won’t really get anything done. And you’ll be kicking yourself later.

Let’s look at a non-music-related example: Home Studio Corner. About a year-and-a-half ago I was really busy with a lot of non-HSC stuff. I was traveling a bunch. I told myself I would remember to post regularly to HSC.

But I didn’t.

For about a two-month span I only posted to HSC SEVEN TIMES. Seven. That’s it.

Why? Because I didn’t have a plan. I was just “winging it.” I only wrote an article when I felt like it, or when I had some spare time.

That didn’t work so well.

Today, I have a very specific plan. I post to HSC five times a week, every week, no matter what.

And for my upcoming album project (yes, I’m getting ready to record a new album!), I’m making it a point to plan things out, too. I did a bunch of pre-production with my drummer last week in fact.

I’ll be setting deadlines, scheduling musicians, making it happen.

Sure, I’ll be flexible, and my plan won’t go perfectly, but simply having a plan will ensure that I make MUCH more progress than I would if I had NO plan.

Speaking of plans, if you’re not a VIP member, you should sign up and join us tonight for a live chat with my buddy Kevin Blaine.

I co-produced, mixed, and mastered Kevin’s debut album, and we’re hopping on the phone to chat about that process, both the good and the bad, and listen to a few tracks.

‘Twill be a lot of fun and very informative.

Sign up here:

(And if you’re reading this after Monday, you can still sign up, and I’ll notify you once the video recording is available to watch.)

Joe Gilder