“It’s easier to PLAY business than it is to actually DO business.” – Joe Gilder

Is there anything more obnoxious than actually quoting yourself? 🙂

This is something I said on the most recent episode of the Simply Recording Podcast.

The topic was “Why You’re Not Making Money In Your Home Studio.” Definitely worth a listen when you have a free 33 minutes.

But with one little twist, we can really make that quote hit home:

“It’s easier to PLAY at mixing than it is to actually DO mixes.”

Woo doggie. That’s powerful.

See, I’m not immune from this. Sometimes it’s just easier to pretend to be mixing a song than to actually finish it.

Finishing it requires a lot of effort.

And it’s risky.

When I finish that mix, I’ve then got to share it with someone, and that could mean criticism.

Who wants that?

YOU want that.

That’s the pathway to awesome.

Your mixes won’t get better if all you do is PLAY at mixing them.

Really mix ‘em.

Really finish ‘em.

Dueling Mixes is a great place to do that:


Next thing you know, it’ll be a year from now, and your mixes will be WORLD’s better than they are now.

I’ve seen it happen over and over again.

Isn’t it your turn?

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner