Hey, wanna know a great way to shoot your creativity in the foot?

Use this phrase:

“Let’s think about it…”

One the flip-side, if you want to boost your creativity like a boss, use this phrase:

“Let’s make a decision right now.”

Here’s how that works out in real life:


…recording 14 tracks of guitar parts because you don’t know which parts make sense for the song…


Sit down with the guitarist and choose (right now) which parts need to be recorded, and only record those.


…quickly setting up drum mics so you can start recording as soon as possible…


Spend time deciding what drum sound you want on the song, and then move the mics around until you get THAT sound.


…recording a half-finished song, in hopes that you’ll be able to finish writing it WHILE recording…


Finish writing the song and “live with it” for a few days before you start recording it.

Your brain is a powerful thing, but it can also screw everything up.

Don’t overthink it.

As a musician, I can think of all sorts of recordings I’ve done where I “improvised” a part during one of the first takes, and I end up liking that part better than anything else I sat around and “thought up.”

It’s kinda like jazz.

Jazz musicians are ALL about improvisation.

And that happens by jumping in, trusting your instincts, and going with your gut.

I bet that you’ll like your gut decisions a lot more than you think you will.

If you REALLY want to push the “gut decision” angle, give yourself 1 hour to record and mix a song.

Talk about really pushing yourself.

I did it a year ago, and recorded the whole thing.

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