I love eating at a Chinese buffet. I may have to take my husky self over to one today for lunch. Can’t help myself.

What’s great about a Chinese buffet is that you’re presented with so many good options. The only difficult part is deciding which items will make the cut and win a free one-way trip to your belly.

Even if I only ate one item exclusively, chances are I’d still be happy by the end. (Fried rice, anyone?)

Lots of options, pick the ones you like, enjoy.

Simple process.

That’s how we roll over at Dueling Mixes, too.

We give you lots of different ways to grow your mixing skills and expand your bag of tricks. We give you a bunch of ideas, in hopes that one will really stand out to you.

For example, in my tutorial video for this month’s song, I’ll teach you:

* A sneaky way to create a bass track when there is no bass track (and it doesn’t involve recording any new parts)

* How to use a fairly unknown compression trick to get an absolutely HUGE drum sound (hint: it has nothing to do with attack and release times)

* A nifty technique for taking a mono track and making it sound super-wide in stereo (without causing phase issues)

* How to take two very simple tools available in any DAW to take a boring part and make it really interesting (people do this in pop music all the time)

* How to leave things alone (how I used fewer plugins to get a better sound out of the drums and lead vocal)

(That’s not including all the cool stuff you’ll learn in Graham’s video and from other members.)

To get instant access to the buffet line, click the link below. You’re gonna love it.


Joe Gilder
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