Well this is embarrassing.

I told you yesterday that I’m trying to lose some weight.

Well, the other night I was sitting at the kitchen table with my 2-year-old, and I heard a large “CRACK!” sound.

That should have been a warning sign, but alas, it wasn’t.

See, we’ve got these cheap kitchen chairs. They look cool, but their not very sturdy. That “crack” sound was this chair’s feeble attempt to warn me that it was about to collapse beneath me.

It didn’t.

The weight of the great Gilder was too much for it to bear…literally.

I crashed to the floor, much to the enjoyment of my wife and mother-in-law downstairs, who heard everything.

I broke the chair.

But I should’ve heeded the warning sign.

What warning signs are you getting that you’re ignoring?

Maybe it’s my daily emails that you’ve been ignoring up to this point, because you know I’m right. (You secretly know the only way to get better is to make YOU better.)

Maybe it’s the fact that every time you buy a fun new piece of gear, you end up disappointed, because it doesn’t improve your music all that much.

Maybe for you the warning sign is the fact that before you had all this proper studio equipment you released a ton of music, but now that you have some good stuff, you spend all your time in Tweakville, never venturing out and releasing anything to the public.

Heed the warning signs, my friend.

Or you might find yourself crashing to the floor…the laughing stock of your family.

…so to speak.

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Oh, and word of advice: be careful where you sit.

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner