I rarely bring up political stuff, but I got to thinking about Obamacare the other day.

The idea of providing quality healthcare to everyone is certainly noble, but I have my doubts that the government is the best “man for the job,” so to speak.

(Please, do not reply to this email with a big long political rant. I’m not interested.)

All I know is that as a self-employed individual, I foresee some pretty significant hikes in my health insurance costs.

But you know what I’m doing about it? I’m working on my own “Gildercare Plan,” and you should too.

My Gildercare plan consists of doing everything in my power to not be dependent on someone else to take care of me. That means working hard, saving, and certainly not complaining about what “the man” is “imposing” on me.

And guess what, pumpkin?

You should do the same thing in your studio.

If you find yourself depending on anyone or anything other than yourself to take your recordings to the next level, you’re gonna be waiting a loooooong time.

“Just waiting until my plugins all work with Pro Tools 11.”

“As soon as I ‘find time’ to make music, it’s gonna be epic.”

“My recordings would better if I just had better gear.”

Hear ye my decree:

Dependeth on no man but thyself to improve thy music.

And that means not being gear-dependent either.

If you can’t make a great-sounding mix with the stock plugins in your DAW, that should be a red flag for you. Something has to change.

YOU have to change.

That’s what we’re all about over at Dueling Mixes.

Less focus on the stuff and more focus on DOING. You’ll be amazed at how much your recordings and mixes will improve.

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