I remember being weirded out by it.

It was sophomore year of college. I was taking Music Theory II.

Dr. Linton was talking about the Golden Mean (also know as the Golden Ratio), and how it applied to all sorts of stuff in nature and composed music.

It was pretty interesting, but it mostly went over my head, much like ratios on a compressor tend to go over most people’s heads.

They have a basic understanding of what a ratio does, but they don’t really know when to use a high ratio vs a low one…or what even constitutes a high and low ratio.

I cover a lot of this in my Understanding Compression videos.

It’s easy to overlook the ratio setting…to just “set it and forget it.”

And I don’t spend a lot of time tweaking the ratio. I have a pretty clear approach to setting the ratio, then I move on to the threshold, attack, and release settings.

There’s a place for all ratio settings in a session. I have specific instances where I’ll use a really low ratio setting, and other instances where I’ll use a pretty high ratio setting.

I tend to take one of two approaches. Low ratio, low threshold or high ratio, high threshold.

It’s easier to explain via video, which is actually the topic of tomorrow’s weekly video for VIP members.

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Joe Gilder
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