Remember the story of the goose that laid the golden egg?

The farmer discovered the golden egg and was delighted to find that every morning the goose laid another one. He became immensely wealthy, but soon he grew impatient from having to wait 24 hours for his next egg.

Finally, insisting he should have all his eggs at once, he killed the goose, only to find there were no eggs inside. Now he had no goose and no more golden eggs.

There are lots of ways we can kill the goose in the studio.

Perhaps you insist on believing that if you employ the right combination of mixing skills you can rescue a failed recording. Perhaps you are convinced that every time you learn a new technique, you should go back and remix an old song. Perhaps you believe that all musical endeavors must be put on hold until you collect the perfect combination of equipment.

I’ve got news for you: None of these things will produce a golden egg.

I guess, in a sense, YOU are the goose, and anything you do to prevent yourself from working on your eggs is the same thing as killing the goose.

The fastest way to remarkable improvement is to get your hiney in the studio and put in the work.

There is no substitute, no shortcuts.

You can buy all of the equipment in the world, but if you aren’t spending regular intentional time working on music and honing your skills, you might as well hold a funeral for that goose and say goodbye to any hopes of collecting a few golden eggs.

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Joe Gilder
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