It comes up every Christmas.

As much as I may try to avoid it, it inevitably gets thrown in my face.

My wife and I both grew up eating sausage balls around Christmas time.

What is a sausage ball, you ask? They come in many shapes and forms. But generally they’re composed of: breakfast sausage, Bisquick, and cheese. Kinda a like a sausage and cheese biscuit rolled into a ball.

Anyway…the sausage balls I grew up with are very different from the ones Pam grew up with.

Mine are superior, perfect little spheres of deliciousness.

Pam’s are more like biscuits, they’re flatter and floppy and sometimes taste like the dough isn’t quite cooked. (I’m not biased at all. Ha.)

After debating for many years about whose sausage balls were the best, we finally had the Great Sausage Ball Showdown of 2008.

We were living in Indiana at the time, and we invited a group of friends over to be our test group. We each prepared our own sausage balls, and our friends voted for their favorite one.

Sigh…guess who won?

Yup. Pam and her floppy little sausage ball wannabes.

I mean, you can’t call something a “ball” if it’s not round. (Yes, I’m still bitter.)

The truth? I still like my sausage balls better.

And that’s the key, both in mixing up sausage ball batter and mixing a song. (Or anything for that matter.)

When it’s all finished and the people have voted, what do YOU think? Are you still happy with your work? Are you still improving and getting better? While it’s nice to win the votes, it’s much more important that you’re making music you can be proud of.

That’s how it shakes down over at Dueling Mixes every month. I don’t win every month, but I almost always prefer my mix to Graham’s, even if he’s winning more votes.

More on competition tomorrow…

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