Funny story.

When I was working on my album “Help of the Helpless,” one of my major focuses was what has now become a bit of a mantra around the HSC campfire — GIRATS (get it right at the source).

While there weren’t a lot of different types of tracks on the album, I wanted to make sure that what we recorded sounded amazing.

Drums, bass, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, organ, and vocals.

Once I finished mixing (which is a lot easier when you get things right at the source), I was very happy with the way things were sounding.

Then I sent them off for mastering.

And when I got them back, I sent the masters over to my bass player Joel to take a listen.

Next thing I know, Joel is tweeting to the mastering engineer, telling him that the bass tone on the masters almost made him cry it was so huge.

That mastering engineer is a guy named Ian Shepherd.

And instead of just being an awesome mastering engineer (which he clearly is, he makes grown men cry), Ian is on a mission to share his knowledge with us home studio folks.

A mission to help us become better mastering engineers in our home studios.

Ian wrote down what he believes are the “Top 10 DIY Mastering Mistakes” for me. And I’m making it available to you as a free PDF eBook.

Grab your copy here for FREE:

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner