I hate dieting, and I don’t care for exercise too much either.

And it shows. (ha)

I always heard about husbands gaining “baby weight” along with their pregnant wives, but I didn’t get it.

Now I do.

There’s more Joe to love right now.

Anyway, over the last few months I’ve been trying to get in the groove with some sort of health plan.

And while I certainly don’t have it figured out, I have learned one thing.

Focusing on EVERYTHING at once doesn’t work.

Does. Not. Work.

If I try to change my diet (cut out this type of food, add more of these type of foods, eat this many meals a day, don’t eat during these times, etc.) and also change my workout routine (these two types of workouts 5 times a week) I end up with so many things to juggle that I just drop the whole thing and end up eating half a carton of Blue Bell Banana Pudding ice cream while watching “Biggest Loser.”

(Side-note: It may sound gross, but that ice cream will change your life.)

The problem here is that we humans just aren’t that great at multi-tasking.

So forcing myself to take on sixteen new habits, all at once, is a fool’s errand.

What I do instead is focus on changing ONE thing.

Just one.

For example, I started by cutting out most sugar from my diet. (Bye-bye my sweet banana pudding ice cream, my chins and I will miss you.)

It’s scarily similar to working in the studio. If you try to focus on doing EVERYTHING at once, you’ll burn out and end up on the couch with ice cream, just like me.

Instead, just focus on ONE thing you want to get better at.

Then ignore everything else.

You’ll get to ’em. But for NOW you’re gonna focus on something like mixing drums.

Speaking of, today the final drum mixing video goes live in the VIP members area.

If you haven’t joined yet, you can check out the whole series for $10 by joining here:


Once you’re a member, there are DOZENS of resources in the members area that can guide you as you focus on different areas of improving your studio skills.

And I’m always open to new suggestions for ways to help you get better. 🙂

Joe Gilder
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