Today is my sweet wife’s birthday.

I gave her a new lens for her camera. She’s really gotten into photography lately, learning how to do more than use the “Auto” settings. She’s learning all about ISO, F-stop, frame-rate. All those goodies.

What’s really interesting is how closely it applies to home recording.

Pam’s been using the stock lens for a few years now. While it’s an “okay” lens, she’s gotten to a point where she’s held back by the limitations of the lens itself.

The new lens allows for greater control over the photograph.

Here’s the important lesson.

Pam’s not upgrading lenses because she can’t get good pictures with her stock lens. She put in the work to learn the fundamentals. Then and ONLY then was she able to see the real limitations of the gear she was using.

First she had to learn about lighting, and composition, and all the fairly complex settings of a camera.

Once she learned the fundamentals, she was ready to move on to more advanced equipment.

That’s the paradox of home recording. If your equipment isn’t good at all, you won’t be able to get good results. But if you don’t improve your skill at recording and mixing, it won’t matter if you upgrade your gear.

You need both, my friend.

Pam learned the fundamentals by spending a few hundred dollars on a photography class.

You can learn the fundamentals by spending a little money on some of my training programs.

Better yet, if you can make it to Nashville next month, you can come hang out with me in my studio, and I can show you first-hand the fundamentals of getting a jaw-dropping mix, no matter what gear you’re using.

There’s still space available. Grab your spot now:

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

P.S. Here’s what Tim Alexander had to say about the last workshop: “I attended Joe’s mixing workshop in his home studio yesterday and it was a great experience. If he offers this up again and you’re considering it, I highly recommend attending.”