Maybe you don’t realize this, but EVERYONE is insecure about their music.

Whether it’s how you play guitar, how you mix a song, or how you sing a vocal part. We are all terribly insecure.

I am no exception.

Recently I was recording lead vocal for a really great new song I wrote. I wanted the vocal to sound especially good. After recording a take and punching in several sections, I thought I was happy and called it a day.

When I came back the next week to mix the song, I listened to the vocal track, and it made me sad. This great vocal performance that I thought I had captured wasn’t that good after all. There were several places in the song where I went off pitch or didn’t have great tone, or both.

For roughly one minute, I spent some time in Insecurity Land.

I beat up for not performing it as well as I wanted. I told myself that I just needed to ignore the mistakes and mix the song. I thought about using tuning software to fix some parts. I told myself there was no point in re-recording the vocal because I am incapable of doing any better.

Once I finished my delightful little pity party, I came back to reality.

I turned on my pre-amp, stepped up to the microphone and re-recorded the vocal.

There were still some mistakes, so I punched those sections in until I was really happy. The end result was a vocal performance that I am absolutely proud of. It’s a vocal performance that I didn’t have to tune or fix in any way. I got it right at the source. (GIRATS, baby!)

If you want to see how I did it, check out the recent video series I posted on the whole process for my VIP members.

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