This month I posted a BUNCH of videos to the blog about “getting it right at the source.”

While those videos are really helpful, I realize something.

You can learn about the concept of making your recordings sound as good as possible (getting it right at the source) but unless you actually LISTEN to well-recorded tracks and spend time mixing them, you may not quite “get” it.

In other words, you may think your tracks are just fine, not realizing that the reason you’re not happy with your mixes is because of your recording skills, not your mixing skills.

That’s why I stuck my neck out there to create Mix Practice, where you can hear the raw multi-tracks to my last two albums.

Are they perfect? Nope.

Do they sound good? Yep.

Here’s what long-time customer Simon from Sweden had to say:

“Hey Joe!

The Mix practice material is REALLY awesome! I can really tell that you REALLY got it right at the source…having the tracks sound great just makes mixing SO easy!!  

Really happy with my purchase! Mix practice opened my eyes and got me really excited and motivated to make more music on my own! 


Excited and motivated. Sweet.

You can get in on the action here:

Joe Gilder
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