Politicians are great at this.

They talk about “big changes” and “groundbreaking new policies.” But they tend to overlook the insanely important little things.

And that reminds me of making music in a home studio.

Recently I took my new Les Paul Studio to a luthier here in Nashville. Under the instruction of a buddy of mine who knows WAY more about electric guitars than I do, I took it in to get a custom bone nut, check to make sure it had the right pots installed, and a few other minor tweaks.

It took me several weeks to talk myself into doing it.

Why? Because when I pick up the guitar from the luthier, it’s going to look exactly the same. You would never know by looking at it that I had any work done.

And that’s hard for visual folks like me.

I like to see big, obvious changes.

But the benefits of doing these small tweaks to my guitar will be totally worth it. Better tone, better intonation and playability, etc.

It’s a lot like mixing a song.

No single EQ move or compression tweak will totally transform a particular mix. It takes hundreds of those little, subtle decisions before you start to realize how much you’re improving the mix.

If you’re looking for one big “thing” to take your mixes to the next level of awesome, I can’t help you.

If you’re looking for one small thing you can change and tweak that will have a HUGE impact on your mixes for years to come, hammer home the basics, like EQ.

That’s where Understanding EQ comes in. Check ‘er out here:


P.S. And don’t forget I offer a money-back guarantee. I’m here to help, not swindle you out of your money. 🙂