What does it really take to get better mixes?

Like really, really.

Is the whole 10,000-hour rule legit?

Here’s an excerpt from my short eBook called “The Mixing Playbook: Your Guide To Finally Getting the Mixes You Always Wanted” :


You don’t need 10,000 [hours] to make great mixes. But you do need MORE hours than you’ve accumulated right now if you want to get better.

I regularly get emails from people that go something like this:

“Hey Joe! I’m working on my very first mix, and I can’t seem to get it to sound right. I’ve done everything you teach on your website, but the mix still doesn’t sound like I want it to sound. What should I do? – Bill”

My response is almost always something like this:

“Hey Bill! First off, you’re completely normal. Nobody is completely thrilled with their first mix. The best thing you can do to improve your mixing skills is to mix, mix, mix, mix, mix. Quantity is more important than quality right now. You just need to get in a lot of reps. Over time, the mixes WILL start sounding better, but it’s unrealistic to expect to hit a home-run on your very first mix. Wrap it up, call it finished, and move on to the next one. – Joe”


It might seem too simple to you, but the truth usually is.

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Joe Gilder
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