A couple days ago I shared 3 ways to become a better engineer. In that video, I talked about the importance of finishing what you start.

My wife has a psychology degree, so she probably knows all those personality “letters,” but I don’t. I seem to remember taking some sort of personality test in high school, and I want to say the letter I landed on was “I“. I could be totally wrong.

Anyway, one of the descriptions for an I was “great at starting tasks, but poor at finishing them.”

I think all of us have a little bit of I in us. In the video I challenged you to look through your hard drive and “take inventory” of how many unfinished projects/songs you have…just sitting there…waiting to be finished.

Finishing My Album

A couple days ago I posted this on Twitter:

And while it’s true that I’m a little sad to be finished creating this album, I’m also stoked to be finished. Why? So I can get my music out there? Sure.

But I’m even more excited by how beneficial the process of finishing this album has been for me. As I mentioned in the video the other day, it takes more discipline to start something than to finish it.

Finishing this album required me to focus on all the smaller, seemingly mundane components of a record. It’s one thing to record a bunch of tracks. It’s another thing to plan the production of an entire album and make all those tracks fit cohesively together.

I’ve become a much better engineer because I forced myself to finish this record. I’m excited to mix the last song and send it off to be mastered.

What are you going to finish? When are you going to finish it? Give me a date.

I need 10 comments at least.

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