Read a great article about Jack White and his process for recording.

White is also an analog-tape loyalist, nostalgic for the days before the advent of DAWs. “You just didn’t have any choices to labor upon back then,” he laments. “When people say, ‘I like this guy’s record, but it’s overproduced,’ as a producer I think, ‘What does that mean, overproduced?’ I wouldn’t want someone to say that about my music, and I don’t even know what that word means. All I can think of as a synonym of that word is ‘opportunity.’ And that can be a bad thing for some people.”


That’s spot on.

Vance Powell, White’s engineer, put it this way:

To me, the biggest thing destroying modern music is that no one will make a ******* decision.

While the advent of the DAW and home recording is an amazing blessing, it can also be a curse.

Yes, we can do things we simply couldn’t do 30 years ago without spending major bucks.

But now we can get lost in the world of unlimited everything.

And the music suffers.

You wouldn’t write 10 extra verses for a song, so why would you record 10 extra takes of everything?

Record what you need.

Nothing more.

Don’t let this “opportunity” turn into a curse for you.

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Like finishing mixes.

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