There’s a powerful little tool available to you, just waiting to be used.

No, it’s not EQ or compression.

It’s nothing that complex.

It’s a simple tool, but it’s a powerful tool.

What is it?

The reverse tool.

If you haven’t looked already, I bet your recording software has the ability to take a piece of audio and reverse it. While it can be fun to reverse old Led Zeppelin songs in an attempt to uncover the hidden demonic messages, there are much more creative and useful things you can do with the reverse tool.

I’ve been known to use reverse from time to time to create various effects. The most common one for me is to take a cymbal crash, reverse it, and combine it with the original file to create a faux cymbal swell. When you don’t have a real cymbal swell available, this one works almost as well.

But there are lots of other things you can reverse to get some really cool effects.

I’ve decided that Graham Cochrane will from hereafter be referred to as “The Reverse Master.”

That sneaky little fella has figured out ways to use the reverse tool to create some really interesting effects. He did it on this month’s Dueling Mixes song, and I believe he’s winning the votes because of it.

To hear it for yourself, and to watch his video where he explains how he did it, become a member here:

Joe Gilder
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