Yesterday I was answering some questions for on of my VIP members.

He was talking about how he always seems to get a thin-sounding vocal in his mixes.

Here are my thoughts.

First and foremost, does the recording itself sound thin? If so, then no amount of EQ or compression tricks will really help.

It all comes down to mic choice and mic placement.

Mic Choice — Are you using the best mic for the voice? Perhaps a dynamic makes more sense than a condenser. Always try 2 different mics if you can.

Mic Placement — If the mic’s too close, it might sound boomy. If the mic’s too far away, it might sound thin. Spend some time with mic placement to make sure you pick the absolute best position.

Now, once you get a great-sounding recording, don’t get too caught up with what the vocal sounds like in solo. Make sure you’re listening to it IN the mix. (You’d be surprised how thin the vocal can sound in solo and yet still sound big and awesome in the mix.)

Even if your recording sounds great, making that great recording sit in the mix can be challenging, but it IS possible.

Being confident with EQ makes all the difference.

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Joe Gilder