In case you’ve lost track, my son Owen is now two years old.

Since I work from home, we Gilders tend to get a little stir-crazy. Needless to say, we try to get out of the house as much as possible.

And that means LOTS of trips to the park.

Now that Owen is a little bit older, he pays a lot of attention to the other kids around him, especially the older kids. He’ll watch them play for a while, and then he’ll go imitate what he just saw.

He’ll see a kid jumping on a little bridge. Then, with a big smile on his face, he’ll run over there and try to do the same thing.

It’s pretty fun to watch.

But there’s a problem. 

Owen doesn’t know he’s only two.

He’ll watch a five-year-old do something fun, then he’ll try to do it…but it doesn’t end well.

In the last two weeks, he’s gotten one bloody nose, a busted lip, two eye bruises, and a big scrape on his forehead.

I love that kid.

He just keeps going back out there. He keeps watching the older kids, imitating them, and falling on his face. But slowly, over time, he gets better and better.

That perfectly describes the person who’s just starting out with recording.

At the beginning, everything is awkward and foreign. You see more experienced people doing things that you wish you could do.

But when you try it yourself, you end up with a mess on your hands.

At that point, you can choose to give up.


You can choose the path of the stubborn two-year-old. Get back out there and try it again.

Keep watching the older kids.

Keep imitating.

Keep getting better.

It’s how you learned to walk, talk, and go down a slide.

And it’s how you learn to make better recordings.

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