I’ve got a twitch, an involuntary “tick.”

But it wasn’t always involuntary. In fact, I used to be twitch-free. But I trained myself over the years to have this twitch.

Now you may be wondering why someone would willingly develop a twitch. What kind of idiot is this guy? …you may be saying to yourself.

A. Yes, I’m an idiot, but that’s not the point.

B. My twitch has saved my butt more times than I could count.

Do you have a twitch?

Save Yourself

“Saving” your files isn’t a new concept. Ever since you first used Microsoft Word, one of the first things you had to learn was how to save your files. You learned the difference between “Save” and “Save As” and all that fun stuff, but I bet they didn’t teach you the twitch.

I probably don’t need to tell you this, but it’s immensely important that you save your work, and save often. It only takes losing hours and hours of work to burn that concept into your memory. I’m trying to help you avoid that altogether. We’ve all heard the story of the guy who wrote a 20-page paper in college but forgot to save, then the computer lost power, and he lost everything.

Well, the same thing can happen with whatever project you’re working on in you DAW.

That’s why I have a twitch.

How to Twitch

The twitch is very easy, but it takes some practice to become a Master Twitcher. Here are the steps:

  1. Position your left thumb over the Command key (or Ctrl on a PC).
  2. Position your left middle finger over the S key. (I prefer the middle finger, but you may use your index finger if you like.)
  3. Press down on the Command (Ctrl) key and hold.
  4. Press down on the S key.
  5. Repeat like a madman.

That’s it!! That’s the twitch.

The hardest part is Step 5, Repeat like a madman. My best advice is to make a focused effort to hit the save button as much as you possibly can. At this point, whenever I’m not actually typing something or entering in a shortcut, my fingers magically hover over Cmd-S.

It’s a habit now. I made myself do it for several months, and now (years later) I can’t stop. There’s an added bonus, too. It works no matter what software you’re using. Editing video? Twitch. Working on a paper? Twitch. Tweaking a spreadsheet? Twitch.

Better Safe Than Sad

The truth is this: You never know when Pro Tools is going to crash, or when the power is going to go out, or when your cat is going to jump onto the keyboard and quit all open applications. It happens.

If you develop the twitch, then when one of these things happens to you, it’ll simply be an inconvenience, not a devastating, life-changing event. Rather than losing hours of work, you’ll only lose maybe a minute or two. (That’s a big difference.)

Develop a twitch…and your digital life will be much better. I promise.

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