I’m typing this on a Wednesday afternoon.

My wife (who is 28 weeks pregnant with twin girls) is at the doctor’s office. She’s been having some labor-like symptoms all day, so they had her come in to check things out.

It could be nothing.

She could be going into labor. If so, they’ll try to stop it with some medication, but there’s the chance that the girls will come much earlier than expected. 28 weeks isn’t TOO early for twins, but it’s earlier than we’d like.

Needless to say, we’re both a little bit worried. I’m home with our 2-year-old, waiting for a text from Pam with an update.

This week we’ve been stressing out a little bit about making an offer on a house we like. It’s been a big waiting game, waiting to hear back if our offer is accepted.

We joked that the whole house thing seems so trivial compared to a potential health issue.

Funny how things can fall into perspective like that.

And of course, this made me think about you…and about recording…and about the ultimate question we should all be asking ourselves regularly:


Why do we make music?

Why did we get involved in recording in the first place?

As fun as gear and cables and software can be, let’s not forget why we do this.


It seems so simple, but it’s so easy to get stressed out over stuff that REALLY doesn’t matter. If you focus most of your attention on creating good music, the other stuff tends to fall back in line.

So that’s all I wanted to do today.

Just a friendly reminder to stay focused on the music.

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

P.S. I am REGULARLY inspired to focus on music when I hang around my VIP members in the VIP forum. It’s a great group of passionate music-lovers.

Hey, it might be a great place for you, too: