I’m embarrassed.

And excited.

Lemme explain.

Do you watch the show “The Walking Dead”? Well, I do. All those dead people walking around…seemingly forever. What’s not to love?

Then I realized something.

There’s a zombie in my studio. He’s been walking around for quite a while now. (More on that in a second.)

Remember last week when I emailed you about recording those background vocals for my upcoming album? I included a link to a clip for you to listen to them.

I got a lot of great replies to that email, but this one takes the cake. It’s from Brian Hague:

“Dude these vocals sound awesome!  Can’t wait to hear the song that goes with it.  When’s the album out?  I know you have a deadline, right?”

And that’s when it happened. My eyes were opened to see what I had been so stupidly ignoring for so long…the Walking Deadline.

See, I’ve been recording this album for a year now. It was a year ago that I booked the drummer and recorded drums at his studio. Then things just sort of…happened.

I give advice all the time about setting deadlines and finishing projects, and yet I wasn’t following my own advice.

Shame on you, Joe.

I’ve been working on and finishing lots of other projects, mind you (ones that pay me money, so that’s understandable), but I let my own album’s deadline just walk along into the future, like a mindless zombie.

I must offer a sincere thank-you to Brian for his email.

It was the equivalent of shooting my zombie in the head with a crossbow.

I immediately took stock of the project, decided what needs to be done (and just as importantly, what DOESN’T need to be done) and set a deadline.

The next step? Tell YOU about it.

The deadline is APRIL 1ST.

That’s when I will send the mixes off to be mastered.

No going back now. I have thousands of people holding me accountable. (Dang, that’s even scarier than zombies!)

And hey, if setting deadlines scares the daylight out of you, then it sounds like you need to just dive right into Dueling Mixes.


A new song to mix, a new deadline to hit.

Every month.

Okay, gotta go mix.


Joe Gilder
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