We all make excuses. I get that.

But this one takes the cake.

I’ve heard it so many times over the years, and it drives me bonkers.

One of my subscribers has been emailing me over the last several months, telling me how excited he is to set up a home studio and write this big, epic piece of music he’s been hearing in his head for a long time.

So far, so good. I like excitement and passion.

But nothing has happened.

His reason? He’s waiting until Apple announces the new Mac Mini. He’s heard rumors about them being so much better, faster, blah, blah… I’ve told him over and over to just buy one right now and get started writing.

His response?

“I just hate buying something that’s obsolete days after I buy it.”

Here was my reply to him:

“If you bought a Mac Mini today, and they released a new one tomorrow, you would still be making music this weekend. When the new Mac Mini comes out, the old ones don’t explode or anything. I just upgraded my iMac, and I had it for four years. That’s a LOOOOOONG time, and it still works really well for studio stuff.”

The true problem here? FEAR.

He’s afraid to get started, afraid to fail.

I know he’ll read this email, and I want him to, because I want him to snap out of it and start making this music he’s so passionate about.

The only cure I can think of is to TAKE ACTION.

Stop planning.

Stop waiting.

Life is too short to keep stalling.

Speaking of stalling, if you’ve been wanting to join Dueling Mixes and haven’t, now’s a great time. Start mixing your first DM song tonight:


Joe Gilder
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