It’s late at night.

You’ve been working on this project since late afternoon.

And it’s finally done.

You fire off an email to the client with an mp3 of the finished song. You know you won’t get a reply until morning, so you toss and turn in bed all night.

The next morning, before you do anything, you check to see if the client has replied. And…


And the best part? Not only did you work on a project that makes you proud and makes the client happy, you also GOT PAID to do it.

Pretty sweet scenario, right?

But for a lot of people it’s just that — a scenario.

They rarely or never actually make any money from their passion for music and recording. Sure, they WANT to, but they can’t seem to break through the insecurity and frustration that surrounds actually asking people to pay you.

Here’s the harsh truth — if you want to make money, you’ve got to think like a business. Businesses don’t exist simply because their owners had a dream and a passion. They exist because their owners figured out a way to create something valuable that people are willing to pay for.

Maybe you’re not looking to quit your job and dive into recording full-time, but perhaps you WOULD like to start pursuing some paid gigs.

I say GO FOR IT.

There’s nothing like getting paid for something you love to do, even if it’s just a few bucks here and there.

To help you get started, I’m doing a webinar today (Thursday) at 2pm for my VIP members. I’ll be sharing a bunch of different ways to get clients, based on my experience and the experience of several engineer friends of mine.

If you’re not a member, five bucks gets you in:

…and the video recording will be available for all VIP members.

That’s it for today.

Joe Gilder
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