My 3-year-old Owen is learning how to drink out of a cup without spilling it all over himself.

He’s not there yet.

The other day he was drinking milk and spilled some down his chin and on his shirt. He turned to me and said, “These are bad cups.”

I just laughed.

Of course that’s a ridiculous statement. The cup didn’t make him spill the milk. He did.

I can buy him a new cup every day, and it wouldn’t matter. He could spill milk out of any of them.

Sound familiar?

We do that type of thing in the studio all time.

We put a microphone in front of a vocalist. The track doesn’t sound good. We blame the mic, not the vocalist.

We blame the mic instead of our choice of mic placement.

We blame anything and everything but ourselves.

If you constantly live in a world where you don’t have to take responsibility for any success or failures, you won’t see much success at all. You will spend all your time trying to cover up for your failures.

Rather than blaming the tool for the outcome, try blaming yourself.

Even though Owen is three, I think he can understand that the only way to keep milk off of his shirt is to learn how to drink out of a cup properly. Once he understands that, he’ll be in good shape, and so will you.

Are your mixes not quite where you want them to be?

I suggest becoming a Dueling Mixes member. Take the tools that you have available right now and start working on improving your mixing/milk-drinking skills.


Joe Gilder
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