You’ve heard of the term “comping,” right?

If so, did you know there are approximately 78,000 ways to do it.

If you’ve never heard of comping, that could be a good thing. However, there are times when it’s good to have some simple but powerful comping skills.

Comping refers to taking several different takes of the same part and combining the best ones together into one “master take.” It’s a pretty common technique, especially for recording vocals.

It was even done way back in the tape days, although the methodology was very different then.

The concept of comping is fairly easy to understand.

The process of comping (i.e. the best way to do it) can get a bit confusing.

In today’s VIP video, I show you my exact method for comping a lead vocal.

The cool thing about my approach is that I don’t use any special comping features in my software. If you have the ability to cut and paste audio (hint: you do), then you can do it.

So check out the video, make fun of my “old school” way of comping, and learn a way to get your comping done quickly and easily.

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Joe Gilder
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