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Most home studio folks, like myself, are also musicians. A lot of them are songwriters and guitarists. One skill you absolutely must develop is how to produce a killer guitar/vocal recording.

While full band productions are fun, in some ways they’re actually easier than something simple like a guitar/vocal project. You have to use a different set of rules with these simpler tunes. You don’t have the luxury of “hiding” some tracks behind all the other tracks. When the track count is in the single digits, every track needs to be spot on.

Another challenge with working on simpler songs is figuring out how to make them sound big, full, and exciting without adding TOO much stuff.

Sometimes the song needs a single guitar track and a single vocal track (Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” is a great example). Other times, it needs a bit more. Maybe a few extra guitar parts and a handful of background vocal tracks?

When done right, you can make a basic song with less than ten tracks sound big, huge, powerful, and amazing.

SO…in this new video series, I’m going to show you how I go about recording and mixing one of these simpler tunes, armed with just one mic, my J-45, and my vocal cords.

I’ll show you:

* how I plan out the song itself (pre-production stuff)
* how I get a great acoustic guitar tone fast
* how I dial in a great vocal tone (by myself) with a channel strip
* how I mix it all

The series starts today over in the VIP members area.

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