For the next two days I’ll be producing an acoustic EP for my friends Ben and Caitlyn of Homestead Collective. (If you’re following me on the Facebook, I’ll be live-streaming some during the sessions. Come check it out.)

This will be the first session in my new studio…just a few days after moving in. (I’ve had exactly 4 business days to get everything set up and ready.) The last few days I’ve scrambled to figure out cabling, wiring, layout, basic acoustic treatment, headphone stations, etc. It’s been a whirlwind, and you might think I’m crazy, but this is EXACTLY what I needed.

Yes, I want to produce Caitlyn and Ben’s EP. Yes, I want to get my studio up and running. But I know myself. I know that unless I scheduled a full-on recording session, I would drag my feet and take FOREVER to set up the studio. I tend to only set things up when there’s an immediate need.

Soooo…I tricked myself into setting up the studio right away. I booked a session. If I pushed the session off until February, it would take me EXACTLY that long to set up the studio. Since I gave myself only a few days, THAT’S how long it took me to set up the studio.

Besides, you can’t really know if a studio setup works until run a few sessions in it.

My challenge to you? Find a way to back yourself into a corner. Make a crazy commitment. Don’t give yourself a way out.

Report back and let me know what happens. 🙂

Joe “Backed into a Corner” Gilder
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