Remember that book* I mentioned yesterday?

I think these guys and I were cut from the same cloth.

They’re talking about starting a business, and how so many people focus on the wrong things, spending money on things they don’t really need rather than focusing on building a profitable business.

(That reminds me of the show “Parks & Recreation.” Did you see the one where Tom and Jean Ralphio start a company called Entertainment 720? Haha. They spend THOUSANDS of dollars on a really awesome facility with all sorts of things like a real caged tiger, free iPads to anyone who visits, and 6-figure salaries for the employees who literally sit around all day and play video games. They had no method of generating income, and they went out of business fast.)

Anyway…back to the book.

They talked about how the tools don’t matter nearly as much as the talent of the person using them.

They said if you handed Tiger Woods a set of crappy golf clubs, he would still OWN you on the golf course.

It’s the same in the studio, too.

The guy with the most talent and experience wins.

Does Tiger Woods use really nice clubs? Of course.

Do the clubs make him awesome? Nope.

Two things make him awesome. Talent and practice.

We can’t change how much talent we’re born with, but we CAN develop that talent.

That means time and effort.

What say you?

Are your mixes lacking? Are you disappointed with how they sound?

Maybe all you need is a place to consistent hone your skills?

We’ve gotcha covered:

Joe Gilder
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